June 12th 2021
Bluegrass Theatre
Metylovice, CZ


The six piece group from Slovakia, consists of musicians well respected in Europe. The band loves to play contemporary bluegrass covers as much as they enjoy to write their own original songs and arrangements.

Heartbeats offers a blend of their own individual musical experiences from different genres like folk, jazz and pop music they've picked up over the years and created a new, fresh and original sound, which makes it very excited for them to play and represent.

In the history (since 2015), the band have already performed at national and european bluegrass festivals in Slovakia (Horna Poruba), Hungary (Abaliget) and France (LaRoche).


Soňa Švecová - vocals - the singer with a unique voice, she likes to sing different kinds of music and also have pop-rock experiences from the past.

Vlado Križan - guitar, vocals - the band leader comes from musical family. He played with bands like Rough and Rocky Road, Grasscountry and occasionally as an session player. He grew up listening to contemporary bluegrass and other genres as well.

Michal Barok - mandolin, vocals - likes to write songs and instrumentals and was a founding member of bands like Meantime, Waterflow, 29 Strings, Bill Faster. He is also a member of Candy Floss band.

Pavol Matej - fiddle - experienced violin player that is comfortable playing any kind of music including folk, swing, gypsy jazz, who has recently found a beauty of contemporary bluegrass music.

Dodo Jágerský - double bass - member of slovak bands Bluegrass Time and Sidlo, also worked with singers Jessica Pough, Carla and David Schick.

Henrich Novák - dobro, vocal - one of top european dobro players and member of Fragment band, also featured on many bluegrass, country and acoustic projects.